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Experience has taught us well...

Every product has features. (The tyre has an organo soft compound rubber format.) But what does it do for the customer? (It grips better in the wet making your drive a safer one.) Benefits are features from the customer’s point of view, and those benefits are what a customer is really interested in.

Yet, how much advertising seems to focus
on features, not benefits?

We take your product or service, turn features into benefits, and sell it. We use the AIDA model to get Attention, create Interest and Desire and to inspire people to Act. We look for each product’s USP and highlight it in every message.

We sell rather than tell

Our principal, Paul Lonergan, has been doing this for many clients for many years. His background started in radio and worked its way through the "university of direct mail" at Reader’s Digest to where he is now, creative director at Always Write.

He was Creative Director for Reader’s Digest for several years and was part of the global creative directions group for the company. He took part at a senior level in delivering educational programs to staff across the board as well creative direction for the company’s direct mail and internet marketing programs.

Since 2002, as Always Write, he has been helping all manner of companies achieve better sales results with their brochures, direct mail and web content efforts.

His history has always been about selling the product, rather than ads that look great but sell little. His passion is disciplined writing that translates what you want to say into what the customer wants to read. If you have a product or service that you’d really like to sell, call us on (02) 8002 1394 or email

Why employ a copywriter? Because you do what you do, I do what I do. After all, would you do your own dentistry?